What are the applications of woven polypropylene bag?

Woven polypropylene bag is one of the most renowned packaging products used to wrap agricultural product packaging, food packaging, daily necessities and so on. They are available in both standard and custom woven polypropylene bags to satisfy your packaging needs. As pp woven bag is ubiquitous and spreads in every corner of life, we have rounded up the applications of woven polypropylene bag.

Applications of woven polypropylene bag:

1. Agricultural product packaging

PP woven bag is applicable for wrapping agricultural products, including but not limited to feeds, vegetables, fruits. Woven polypropylene bags including woven polypropylene feed bags, fertilizer PP woven bags, vegetable PP woven bags have flooded into the market.

2. Food packaging

It’s the perfect packaging solutions for food such as pp bags for rice, flour, and maize.

3. Geotechnical engineering

With the virtue of isolation, draining, anti-seepage and filtering, pp woven fabrics are regarded as the most popular geosynthetics to the geotechnical engineering. With that, woven polypropylene fabric contributes to the construction of buildings, irrigation works, roads, and more.

Especially when it comes to the flood control, woven polypropylene sandbag that can be frequently seen in the construction of river banks and dams, plays a great role in case of detrimental effects of flood waters.

4. Tourism and transport

PP woven fabrics are particularly beneficial for tourism and transport. Products like sunshades, temporary tents and travel bags are manufactured by woven polypropylene fabric.

5. Special woven bags

Undoubtedly, pp woven bags are manufactured to go along with different purposes. For example, in order to better resist UV rays, we generally use UV resistant woven bags.

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