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Lansu; Professional Manufacturer Of Packaging Bags

Finding an authentic platform to buy the best products at the best price is a troublesome task. Nowadays, multiple fake companies are operating around the world whose major aim is to cheat customers. Therefore, it is best to rely on an authentic and professional company. Whether you are running a grocery store or running a mill, you need certain packaging materials for protection and transportation.

In short, a variety of packaging bags are utilized across fertilizer, rice, crops, flour, feed, and chemical industry applications. You cannot use a single packaging material for the packaging of food and other items.

Best packaging bags are important for maintaining the standard of any company. If you want to buy any sort of packaging bag or are looking for a professional company to establish cooperation in order to meet the needs of packaging bags, we suggest you contact us.

About us:

Lansu Packaging is one of the leading poly weaved packaging bag manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world. Whether you need a standard or customized packaging bag, we can create it precisely according to your needs. Our signature products with a brief description are listed hereunder:

● Polypropylene bags:

Polypropylene bag, aka PP bag, is a kind of thermoplastic polymer with various applications. Such bags are widely used for commercial, agricultural, industrial, and retail industries. Polypropylene material is also used in the manufacturing of sandbags to shopping bags. Doubtlessly, PP is one of the most used plastics in the entire world.

● Woven polypropylene bags:

WPP bags are a specific kind of water-resistant, durable, protective packaging bag that can be laminated by PP coating. They are used for various purposes, including packaging seeds, agricultural products, pecans, etc.

● Polyethene bags:

Such bags are widely used in everyday life. It is made up of thin plastic. When you go out to the grocery store, the retailer packs the accessories in thin plastic bags, such bags are polyethene bags.

Besides PP, woven PP, and PE bags, we also manufacture a variety of other packaging bags. For example, rice packaging bags.

Why choose us?

There are more than enough reasons to choose us over other companies, we entertain our customers with excellent products at competitive prices. Our experts can aid you with everything, from conception to completion. If you are located in China or not, you can visit our online platform to get a quote on the required packaging bags.

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