Woven Poly Boxes: why do need to know

Woven polypropylene bags, also known as polyethylene packaging or pp bags, are used for some reasons, including feed, corn, bird food, and walnuts. These sacks are made using a plastic called polypropylene, so they are very tough. They enjoy many benefits and are widely used in agribusiness and different regions.

The benefits of woven PP packaging

Polypropylene woven packaging has many benefits. To that end, they are used for the vast majority of all kinds of things you use in your day-to-day work. Some benefits include:

  • Reusable
  •  Try not to spoil when wet
  • Usually does not tear
  • Can be embossed on both sides
  • Allow items to air dry
  • Accept the masses without a problem
  •  More grounded than plastic packaging
  •  Accessible in a variety of sizes and varieties

rice bags

How to use woven PP bag?

Woven polyethylene boxes are used for countless things due to the benefits that different kinds of packaging have. You may not understand how normal these types of packages are. Supermarkets and ranchers use these sacks every day at their events.

These are some of the ways they are used in the business world:

  • Garden Item Bundles are commonly used to store and transport agricultural items such as feed, natural products and vegetables. They can also be used for synthetics and composting.
  • Food Binding Woven PP bag filler for food source. They can store rice, flour and corn as well as other dry goods.
  • Pet Food – Many types of pet food are bundled in plastic bags.

Types of woven PP bags

There are several types of woven pp bags. Most of them are things anyone would expect to find in a horizontally structured (cushion-shaped) ticket holder or gusseted (block-shaped) bag. They can be fixed tops that handle wear and tear.
Additionally, they can have a single overlay and chain seam bottom crease, or they can have a heat cut top, multiple folds and a double stitched bottom. Different sizes of woven pp packaging are available for each size advertised.

Lansu Packaging is one of the leading manufacturers of polyethylene woven bags covering rice, fertilizer, feed, flour, crops, chemical applications and more.

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