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What materials are generally used for rice vacuum packaging bags?

Food grade material, nylon and PE. For custom rice vacuum packaging bags, I suggest looking for manufacturers who have experience in customizing rice vacuum packaging bags, because this can reduce your time cost a lot, and can give you a lot of advice on packaging design and customization.
Now that the living standard has improved, it is basically rice vacuum packaging bags. This can increase the shelf life of rice and keep it fresh for longer, which is more conducive to rice sales.

In addition to the oxygen-removing and quality-preserving functions of vacuum packaging, the main functions of vacuum inflatable packaging include compression resistance, gas barrier, and freshness preservation, which can more effectively maintain the original color, aroma, taste, shape and shape of food for a long time. Nutritional value. In addition, many foods are not suitable for vacuum packaging and must be vacuum-filled packaging.

After the food is vacuum-inflated and packaged, the inflation pressure inside the packaging bag is stronger than the atmospheric pressure outside the packaging bag, which can effectively prevent the food from being crushed and deformed under pressure without affecting the appearance of the packaging bag and printing decoration. The vacuum inflatable package is filled with a single gas of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen or a mixture of two or three gases after being vacuumed.
Nitrogen is an inert gas, which plays a filling role and maintains a positive pressure inside the bag to prevent air outside the bag from entering the bag and protect the food.
Carbon oxide can dissolve in all kinds of fats or water, and induce weak acid carbonic acid, which has the activity of inhibiting molds, spoilage bacteria and other microorganisms.
Oxygen can inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, and maintain the freshness and color of fruits and vegetables. High concentration of oxygen can make fresh meat maintain its bright red color.

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