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Top advantageous of choosing pp woven sacks

Woven Sacks, flour bags

PP Woven Sacks are made of thermoplastic resins that are produced through the polymerization process. The fabric can be laminated or unlaminated. By laminating the bag, it provides additional weather protection and fatigue resistance. .

Advantages of PP Woven Sacks

We will discuss each of these pros in more detail below, including the variety of options, the perfect texture for printing, and the high industry demand. .

1.Wide Varieties of Products

There is a special kind of PP bag that suits agricultural packaging needs, unlike jute bags. PP woven bags are more versatile than jute bags. .

You can find a PP bag designed specifically for storing the reactive chemicals!

2.Perfect Printing Texture

Printed PP bags are a great way to advertise your products because they can be printed with anything and everything- from graphics to text. Printed PP bags allow you to spread your message to a larger audience through attractive graphics. .


In addition to being resistant to weather, chemicals, and fatigue, polypropylene woven fabrics are translucent and have an integral hinge property, making them a superior fabric over their peers. .

You may contact Lansu Packaging if you have further questions. Our collection of bags includes flour bags and PVC woven bags.

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