Scope of application of woven PP bag

Woven polypropylene bags offer a wide range of design and printing options, strength and durability, making them a popular choice for a variety of packaging applications. Typically, these bags are used to store products such as rice, sugar, wheat and cement. They also have the advantage of being able to be filled directly with a hose. Once the bag is full, the valve will automatically close and the locking mechanism will prevent the contents from spilling.

PP woven bag

Woven PP bags are a great alternative to jute bags and wooden boxes for bulk auction tea packaging. They offer excellent breathability and extend the shelf life of the contents. They are widely used in the transportation and storage of various commodities. Whether it’s vegetables or garden products, woven PP bags offer the best solution.

Growing infrastructure development in developing regions is driving the demand for woven bags. These sacks can be used to transport agricultural inputs such as hybrid seeds and fertilizers, as well as other related services such as warehousing and cold storage.

PP woven bag

PP woven bags are one of the most versatile packaging solutions and can be used for different applications. It is lightweight, durable and moisture resistant. It is ideal for storing dry goods as well as agricultural applications. In addition, it is often used in geotechnical engineering, with filtering and drainage properties. It is also used in temporary structures such as tents and awnings.

The basic material of PP woven bags is polypropylene, which is a recyclable plastic. This plastic is spun into a woven fabric, which is a high-quality, high-stretch material. This type of fabric is made from multiple layers of polypropylene yarns that can be woven to meet a variety of specifications.

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