How Are Woven Polypropylene Bags Manufactured?

Woven polypropylene bags designed and manufactured at our company (Lansu Packaging) are environmentally-friendly plastic bags used for various products, including the packaging of rice, flower, seeds, animal feed, fertilizer, etc.

In this piece of writing, we will discuss the critical step in manufacturing woven polypropylene bags. Doubtlessly, tape extrusion is the most essential and tough process of the woven industry since the tape’s quality directly impacts the packaging’s quality.

Two different types of tapes can be used in woven PP (PP bags stands for polypropylene) bags. Which are listed hereunder:

  • Transparent
  • Pearl white

nylon bags

However, virgin polypropylene granule is highly preferred as the base material. During manufacturing, each batch goes through multiple tests to ensure its density, melting factor, elasticity, etc. To ensure the stability of the extrusion process, highly advanced computerized dispensing and mixing systems are used. In this dispensing and mixing procedure, all raw materials will go through a heating and setting process to remove any excess moisture.

Furthermore, the computer-guided dispensing machine will dispense and mix the granule in a batch of 10 kg based on the preset formula with less than 5 grams of variance.

During the stage of extrusion, the mixture will be heated to a specific temperature for plasticization and then extruded in a flat sheet and cooled in a water tank. After the initial cooling, the flat sheet will then be split into strips by high-precision cutters. After the splitting, the flat tape will then be heated, stretched, and cooled multiple times to achieve the required linear tensile strength.

Moreover, the tubular fabric is the type of fabric that is most commonly employed in woven packaging. Such fabric is weaved by a circular weaving machine using flat tape. Shuttles in the circular weaving machine weave the tape in a weft and warp direction to form the fabric in a tubular structure.

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