Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bag Supplier

Within the range of packaging and labelling you can choose from many packaging bag suppliers; we recommend you take the following aspects into consideration


It stands to reason that the type of bags your store needs largely depends on the product you sell, so you should evaluate the average weight of the products, their size and shape. Depending on this you can decide if you want one standard size bag, or you prefer different sizes to pack different sizes of the product. The weight is decisive when choosing the material of the bags because something very heavy in a paper bag may not be very protected.


The main decision regarding the design is to decide if we want plain bags or if we want them personalized. If we decide on personalized packaging and labelling, we must proceed to create a design that fits the brand image that your store or product has, the same colours and letters are usually used that are used in the same logo of the brand.

You can choose to promote a certain product and make the bags with the logo of that particular product or promote the store.

In this regard, it is highly recommended that all packaging and labelling materials be consistent with other company materials. You should also decide if you want bags with handles or not and if you choose one material over another depending on the costs or the type of product.


The packaging and labelling material has a price, and many stores make the serious mistake of choosing the cheapest they can because they think it is a useless expense, this concept is wrong because the comfort for your customers as well as the strong promotional impact that a bag can have should not be underestimated.

To reduce costs, it is essential to look for good suppliers that offer you prices by quantity, but do not buy to buy either. If you work with a franchise, this type of material will likely have to be purchased directly from the franchisor.

In summary, bags are more than just packaging material, they are an option to promote your company and to offer your customers the convenience of transporting and simply protecting their purchases, although you must consider their cost, you must further value its benefits.

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